Tecno-Talde, S.A. is a company set up in 1991 by the business groups Ugarteburu, S.A. and Mecalbe, S.A. with the aim of providing solutions for second operations on several of its products.

At present, our trade hinges on specialist human resources and cutting-edge production means that provide us with the structure of a modern-day and competitive company, capable of meeting the needs of a demanding sector such as the automotive sector.



Techno-Talde, S.A. develops two business areas aimed at different industrial sectors, but mainly at the automotive industry. 

  • CNC batch machining
    With fully automated manufacturing means adapted to machining large series of parts, high quality and competitiveness requirements of the market are met.

  • Application of fastening and sealing products 
    Area focused on the application of products securing fastening and sealing on threaded items.



The ultimate goal of Tecno-Talde is the satisfaction of our customers, by providing high quality and precision products and services.

To this purpose, innovation of manufacturing processes, involvement of trained and experienced staff, and our high-tech production means are of paramount importance to us.



Currently 26 staff working in 2-3 shifts are employed at Tecno-Talde. 

With cutting-edge technological means and a committed team, our production capacity is geared towards medium and large series.


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