These are pre-applied adhesives, i.e. products applied to the threads which are dry to the touch and become active on assembly.
Precote, Scotch Grip, Nylon Patch.
Fixing and sealing of threads - precote


  • Cost reduction through series application. 
  • Elimination of mechanical items, such as lock nuts, washers, etc.
  • Constant assembly values​.
  • Prevents corrosion on threaded joints.
  • Treated parts can be stored for several years before use.
  • Elimination of safety and hygiene problems arising from the use of liquid adhesives.
  • Usable with any type of material and treatment.
  • The highest security between dynamic stresses.
  • Absolute sealing reliability due to coating of the entire thread circumference.
  • The highest reliability under temperature variations.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.

Type of Adhesives



    The principal application of this product is for complete sealing of the assembly; besides it has a slight retaining function which is frequently used on pre-assemblies prior to transport and final assembly.

    Compliant to standards: 3902010 function E or GM 99885490.

    The main products of this type that are used are: Precote 4, Precote 5, Precote 9, Precote 15, Scotch-Grip 4291.
Fixing and sealing of threads - precote

    Besides the sealing function of the earlier mentioned products, these contain a microencapsulated adhesive which is released on assembly resulting in chemical fastening.

    They are compliant to 3902010 function LS, DIN 267-27, WX 200, Porsche 1230, STD 1627, DBL 8830.10, etc.

    The main products used are: Precote 80, Precote 85, Scotch-Grip 2353, Scotch-Grip 2510.
Fixing and sealing of threads - precote

These are polyamide 11-based products that feature mechanical clamping of male and female threads. These products can be used again without any loss of performance despite successive assembling and disassembling. They can be used as a patch or 360º coating.

Compliant to standards DIN 267-28, 3902010 LF, WA 970, GM6189P, amongst others.

The main products of this type that are used are: Precote 10-1, Nylon Patch.

Fixing and sealing of threads - precote

Nycote® thread masking prevents weld spatter, electro-deposited paints, primers or coatings from adhering to the threads.

Nylok’s patented Nycote® coating process provides an affordable and efficient way of protecting fastener threads from weld spatter and electro-deposited paints, primers and coatings. Nycote® is a non-conductive powder thread coating that can be applied to virtually any fastener to add lubricity and reduce torque versus tension scatter.

Nycote® is widely used in industries such as agricultural, automotive, appliance, electronics, HVAC, machinery, marine, outdoor power equipment, recreation equipment and telecommunications manufacturing.


- Eliminates masking, plugging or capping of threads.
- Eliminates the need for “slave” bolts.
- Eliminates re-tapping which can compromise quality and safety.
- Prevents the adhesion of electro-deposited primers and coatings.
- Prevents adhesion of weld spatter.
- Reduces torque versus tension scatter.
- Improves lubricity and reduces installation drive friction.
- Can be coated to external or internal threaded fasteners.
- Achieves known and repeatable clamp load.
- Guarantees good electrical grounding.
- Reduces manufacturing cost by increasing productivity.
- Coating is only on the threads, not grip length or faces.



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